To our fellow Jeffersonian’s…

To our fellow Jeffersonian’s
Hi everyone. Thanks for reading this. It means you are staying tuned in to the movement. It may seem to some of you that the excitement surrounding Jefferson is dying down or waning but let me assure you that is far from the truth. In fact many things have been happening over the last couple of months and I will tell you about that now.
Leadership Meeting – At the end of March we conducted a leadership training meeting that was well attended. The purpose was to help people become more educated and confident about discussing Jefferson with others and to groups. Feedback from the training was very positive. We are planning future training sessions so contact us if you want to attend.
Tri-County Meeting – Tuolumne, Calaveras and Amador County got together and did a combined meeting in San Andreas a few weeks ago. It was very well attended by folks local to the area but only 7 Tuolumne County people showed up. Regardless the messages were outstanding and we proved that we can work together. This happens Saturday May 7th.
Group Meetings – Over the last 2 months we have had teh opportunity to speak about Jefferson in front of many great civic clubs and organizations like the Community Services Unit, Oathkeepers, Amateur Radio Club, TuCare, Kawanis and other. These presentations give us higher visibility and lend authenticity to our movement. We are always on the look out for more groups to talk to. If you have ideas please contact us.
Mother Lode Round Up Parade – We are officially signed up as an entry in the parade. Now we have to decide what to do. But tick tock, time is running. We are looking for ideas but we would like to put a call out for a unique or interesting automobile that we use as our entry. Maybe you know someone with a bad-ass Jeep or 4X4 pick up. Or an older classic truck or car. Or maybe its a tractor or old ranch work truck? Something that will get attention. We will also need some volunteers to help prepare the entry and ride in or on whatever we have and to walk along side and hand out information. Come to the April 27th meeting if you want to step up.
Calaveras Frog Jump – We are going to once again work with our sister counties to run a Jefferson booth at the Frog Jump. This is to collect signatures and sell merchandise. This will be May 19-22 and we need volunteers.
We understand how busy your life is. It’s the same for all of us. But Liberty is not given. It must be earned. We don’t have to endure unimaginable hardship like those who came before us that secured the blessings of liberty for us and our children. All we have to do is choose to work at it a little. Give up a few things in order to help the Jefferson cause. If you are on this email list then at one point you were excited enough about Jefferson to offer to help. So what have you done for Jefferson Lately? What can you do this week or this month to lend a hand? What are you willing to sacrifice? It ain’t gonna happen on its own. It does not work that way. You either give a little, give a lot or you give up and stay home… in California. We would really like to see some new faces jump in and help. As they say in the Navy – Many hands make light work.
If you are ready to reignite your enthusiasm then please email or call 209.288.8323 and tell us you’re ready to help. Immediate need is volunteers for the Parade and the Frog Jump but we have other jobs too. We need someone to open up more businesses as signature drop off points. And someone to be committed to going to those locations and collecting full signature sheets. We need help fundraising. Without more funds we are limited in our outreach. So please, sacrifice a little and join us.
Jefferson has raised $150,000 for the legal fight. This is about of tenth of what it will take to see us through to the Supreme Court but it is enough to get us started in teh 9th district. Look for a press release announcing the End of the Beginning (petitioning our government) and the beginning of the next phase. Suing the State of California for lack of representation. This is indeed a very exciting time. We are asking you to take it personally, because it is personal and will affect your family from here on out. This is a call to metaphoric arms. This will be the second “Shot heard ’round the world.” Will you tell your children you played in the game or will they know you only stood on the sidelines. Thanks to all of you for reading this and hanging in there.

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