The Next Step

Hello all supporters!

Our huge turn out at the Board of Supervisors meeting on march 7th was monumental. It was one of if not the largest turnout of people for any Board meeting ever. You made it happen. But we did not get what we were expecting. Only one board member, Evan Royce District 3, had the courage to stand up and announce his support for liberty. The rest of the board chose to study the intangible and tangible numbers and have staff make the decision as whether to support Jefferson or not support it.

Therefore we have decided to tell the County that we no longer will be looking for their input on Jefferson. Here is the letter that was sent on Wednesday March 8th

Mr. Pedro,

Our after action group has been able to meet and we would like to let you and the board know that it was never the intention of the leadership of SOJ Tuolumne County to put the staff through the process of a financial analysis. Likewise, we do not want to put Tuolumne County and it’s taxpayers on the hook for a special election. 

We have done our best to present the issue to our elected representatives on the federal, state and local levels. We have provided the most up to date information we have on the movement and our court case. At this time we would respectfully ask that no further county resources be used to obtain any more justification for support by the board. 

We have done our due diligence and brought the county into the loop, we will take it from here.

On behalf of the more than 3200 signed supporters and 400 that attended last night, we thank you for setting up the meeting and the opportunity to present.

Tuolumne county SOJ”
One of your top organizers on the committee had this to say after the meeting:
First, in retrospect we have found that a politician is a politician is a politician. Federal, State or Local, they all exhibit the same behavior and the fact that we get more face time locally, bought us squat.
Second, no revolution was ever led by a politician, they are the vultures that feast after the battle has been decided. Win or lose, they always get fed and they have no skin in the game and bleed no blood.
Third, while it may have seemed to be a mistake to even hold our presentation, I think we needed it to show our brothers and sisters who we are dealing with. In addition, to some extent we forced them to show what they were made of and who we can really trust. At some point, that will be very important. We also managed a huge town hall where if nothing else, we sold 1,000 worth of Jefferson Gear that will be worn often, much to the dismay of those that resist us.
Fourth,  In my mind we can also write off KIC as a non-threat from now on. That was the worst presentation and the biggest flop I have ever seen. I don’t believe we need to worry about them further. 
Fifth and most importantly, there should be no sour grapes for us. We take it on the chin and stiffen our spines. We are stronger and smarter today, for the battle we engaged last night. I don’t think we should whine or cry about the lack of support as I see it as our failure to properly assess the the resistance we would receive from the BOS, in public forum. Complaining about the board can only have a negative effect on our efforts moving forward. The time will come, when we can stand before them and declare ourselves free from California and free from supervisors that took cover when battle lines were drawn. Until then, it is my opinion, we let them think they are still along for the ride. I believe the verbiage I suggested as notice, will have them squirming as it is.
All in all, it was a good, just and worthwhile battle even though the victory may be hard to fully comprehend at this point.
So brothers and sister of Jefferson the new order is Signatures! We need as many as we can get. We have sent out an email with the support form attached and it can also be downloaded here. We are asking everyone to get 5 signatures per week and we promise to keep you updated weekly as to where we are with the count. As of right now we have just about 3300 but the goal is 15,000. If just the folks who showed up Tuesday evening send us 5 signatures a week we can hit our goal in less than 2 months. So please download and print the form and carry it with you everywhere then send the sheets to us. All the information is at the bottom of the sheet.

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