California Lawmakers Out of Control

Companies that contract to build President Donald’s Trump’s proposed border wall might soon have a tough time doing business in California, if state and municipal lawmakers have their way.  If you think that running a business here in California has been hard before, it is going to become harder now.

Legislators in the statehouse and several major cities have proposed laws that would prohibit their governments from hiring firms that have done work on the wall.  A bill from two San Francisco City Supervisors goes a step further, proposing to cut ties with construction companies that so much as bid on the project, regardless of whether not they actually win a federal contract.

The San Francisco ordinance, introduced Tuesday by supervisors Hillary Ronen and Aaron Peskin, is one of several laws that have been proposed in California. Ronen tweeted Tuesday that her bill is not just a “symbolic protest” but concrete action to protect San Francisco’s “deepest values.”

A day before Ronen’s proposal, California Democratic Assemblyman Phil Ting, introduced a bill that would force the state’s pension funds to divest from companies that are hired to work on the border wall.  Yes, you read right, they want to affect the pensions of anyone who would work on the wall.

Where does this stop?  To what end will they take their power and control of every facet of California’s citizens lives?  This should be frightening to everyone and a call to action against such tyranny.

Do these representatives represent you?  Do they hold to your values?  Do they uphold the Constitution of the United States?  Do they uphold the Constitution of the State of California?  Do we have any say in what happens in our state anymore?

The answer is no.  California lawmakers no longer represent the hard working, tax paying, freedom loving citizens of this state.   Our state elected officials are way outside their enumerated powers and we have no representation to be able to battle back.

The time is NOW for the 51st state.  It is our time.  It is our hope.  It is our future.
It is your time to step up.  It is your participation that will help us win liberty for millions of Californians.  Join us today.  Freedom and liberty are worth the sacrifice.

This month we have a donor who will match all donations that come in from this request for your support, up to $5,000.   Simply put in on line giving or check memo – MATCH!
Let’s take it to the maximum.  Donate today.  Your donations will go directly to the “lawsuit for freedom”.

Send your donations to:

SOJ 51 Formation
PO Box 751
Palo Cedro, CA  96073

Ginny Rapini
SOJ Citizen Volunteer

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