Time to Act

[This is Mark Baird’s Letter to our representatives. Please copy and sign your own name and send to every single Senator and Representative in our Federal Government]

Dear Sir,
We the people of the 23 counties of Northern California, hereafter known as Jefferson,
formally demand an immediate Article 4, Sec 3, (U.S.) state split.  We declare the State of California is in open rebellion and insurrection against the government of the United States.
Governor J. brown, Lt Governor G. Newsom, Senate Pro Tem K. León, Speaker A Rendon,  States Attorney General X. Becerra, Senator K. Harris, and the majority of voting members of the California Legislature, have openly and publicly declared war on the government of the United States.
Governor Brown and the above named politicians are in violation of USC 8, Section 1324, harboring and shielding illegal aliens, a felony under federal law.  Governor  Brown, and the above named criminals are in violation of Article 1, sec 8, clause 4 U.S. which clearly gives Congress lawful jurisdiction over immigration.  Governor Brown and the above named politicians are in violation of California Constitution, Article 3, section 1, which states that California is an inseparable part of the United States, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.  Governor Brown and the above named politicians, are in violation of Article twenty of the California Constitution which describes the oath of office requiring support and defense of the United States Constitution….without any mental reservation.  Governor Brown has openly and publicly made several agreements with foreign powers, in violation of the United States Constitution Article 1, Section 10, clause 3.  Governor Brown does so with the aid of the above named politicians.

Is this or is this not a nation of laws?  Or have we citizens simply become subjects to the monarchs and despots who know themselves to be above laws which are applied only to us?

We the people of The Jefferson Counties have repeatedly and humbly requested an end to the lawlessness which issues from Sacramento.  We have repeatedly and humbly requested redress of our grievances from both the executive and legislative branches of government.  Our requests are met only with further abuses and assaults on our Liberty and property rights.  We are now attempting to gain justice from the Article 3 Court in the Eastern District of California, only to be told that since all Californians are equally tyrannized by the institutional felons named above, there is nothing the court can do to help us.  This is unacceptable and further, is an outrage against liberty. See CFR v Padilla.
We the people, established government with the sole duty to protect the rights of the governed.  Government derives all its just power from the consent of the governed.  Whenever ANY Government is destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the people to alter or abolish it and to establish government more suitable to their needs.  California Constitution A2, sec 1, and Declaration of Independence.

We the people of the Jefferson Counties are not playthings of the criminals who rule over California.  We the people, do not yield our sovereignty to the government that was formed to serve us.

We the people of the Jefferson Counties have absolutely no access to representation, nor are we allowed a republican form of government guaranteed us in Art 4, Sec, 4(U.S).

We declare the above named criminal politicians have breached their sacred oath and thus the social compact referred to as the Constitution of the State of California is now null and void.

We demand the United States Congress and the United States Senate immediately introduce and pass, legislation for an Article 4, Section 3, state split along the geographic lines which the Jefferson Declaration Committees will supply to this esteemed body.

The Jefferson Declaration Committee has prepared a draft constitution and guidelines for a committee of separation.  We declare our allegiance to the United States of America and to the Constitution of the United States.  We beg relief from the long train of abuses heaped upon us, our families, and our liberties.

Declare the 51st State, Jefferson to free us from tyranny!  We appeal to almighty God for the rectitude of our intentions because we declare that in order to escape tyranny, He can be our only judge!

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