Host a Jefferson Party!

There is no way this movement can succeed without your support. This is 100% a grassroots movement.

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We are “ordinary” people standing for representation in our place of habitation. We are pro-American enthusiasts, passionate about standing for our freedoms. We are using the constitution, set forth by our founding fathers, to request that our voice be heard.

In our busy lives, it is difficult to set aside time, even for the most important tasks. This is where our idea comes in to host a Jefferson party! We all love parties…for decades American homes have hosted Princess house parties, Tupperware parties, jewelry parties, game night parties, etc… so, why not make sharing the Jefferson movement fun and into a party? To make things easier, we have put together all you’ll need for a fun filled night. All you need to add are the people and the food!

Steps to get your party started…



  • No matter what the reason for your shindig, food is always necessary. Make it a potluck for ease, and have some board games, cards, movies, or other fun activities planned for the night.



We have compiled all the information you will need to clearly and accurately help you share what the SOJ movement is all about. Although this will be the most important part of your get together, it doesn’t have to take very long. Here is an idea of how to organize this part of your party…

1. Signature page

(Download Here- Declaration and Petition FORM)

Pass around a signature page to make sure everyone there signs the petition.

2. FAQ Page

(Download Here-The State of Jefferson FAQs)

Many of the frequently asked questions have been answered in this document and can assist in answering your guest’s questions.

3. Play the Powerpoint for your guests.

(It would be best if you know the basics of this powerpoint so you can explain the slides in further detail if needed.)

>Click to Play SOJ  Power Point<

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4. Hand out signature pages

Make sure each of your guests receives at least one blank signature page to take with them to fill. It would be best if you had these printed out ahead of time. Don’t forget you can download these right here -> Declaration and Petition FORM

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5. Give Resources

We have a plethora of resources to share!

We host town-hall style informational meetings every 4th Wednesday at the Board of Supervisors Chambers located on the 4th floor at 2 S. Green Street in Sonora. Meetings will begin at 6 pm.

In addition, we hold committee meetings for Jefferson team members once a month. Anyone who wants to work to actively support the Jefferson movement is welcome. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 207 S. Washington at the Re/Max building at 6 pm.  If there are any changes to the schedules or locations of any meeting, we will post it on the main page of this site and on facebook.

If anyone has additional questions refer them to our next town-hall meeting or ask on our Facebook page.

And there you have it! Make it fun and let’s spread the good news about the State of Jefferson like Wildfire!